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But if the sun sets you free, you'll be free indeed~

~shes only happy in the sun

& if the sun comes up tomorrow, let her be
29 May 1987
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Our truest life is when we are in dreams, awake.
I'm Moira. I'm 21 and have had this journal since High School & I'm obviously having a little trouble letting it go. I'm in the Dental Program at my college and I'm extremely close to having a real job and a real place. Photography is absolutely the thing I love the most. I am obsessed with movies and could talk about them all day. I am also randomly obsessed with batman and have been my whole life. i am in love the new england patriots, & my friends are first and foremost the brightest thing in my world and I honestly don't know where I would be without them. I am fascinated by dreams and I can never get enough chocolate, bananas or water :) I am drawn to people with easy smiles & i am very outgoing, but I'm only really myself in the sun.

books pride & prejudice<3 , the last summer (of you & me), harry potter, the davinci code, twilight/new moon, i LOVE to read and Jane Austen is my bitch. or.. im hers.

music rascal flatts, coldplay, rammstein, maroon 5, kanye west, michael jackson, keith urban, brad paisley, the fray, something corporate, bethany joy lenz, gavin degraw, jon mclaughlin, jason mraz, james morrison, the eagles, bon jovi, the beach boys, colbie caillat, nickelback, sara bareilles, michael buble, hinder, carrie underwood, jimmy eat world, lynyrd skynyrd, eminem, evanescence, 30 seconds to mars, justin timberlake, dean martin, elvis presley, il divo, lifehouse, madonna, matt nathanson, rob thomas, train.
movies last of the mohicans, equilibirum, the dark knight, lotr: fotr, from hell, the quiet man, how to lose a guy in 10 days, pride & prejudice, elf, the village, the wedding date, open range, boondock saints, 300, casino royale, wedding crashers, shawshank redemption, gone with the wind, v for vendetta, the breakfast club, batman begins, cold mountain, transformers, star wars, say anything, 28 days later, robin hood, shrek 2, sin city, shooter, twilight, bring it on, cars, ever after, shes the man, pirates of the caribbean, dances with wolves, team america, independence day, the mummy, contact, the matrix, x files: fight the future, beauty & the beast, south park, the lion king, oklahoma, 10 things i hate about you, jerry maguire, pochahontas, a walk to remember, somethings gotta give, charlies angels, the american president, the horse whisperer, aladdin, the english patient, the abyss, sense and sensibility.

tv friends, prison break, oth, antm, greys anatomy, pushing daisies, the office, dwts, private practice, lost, ugly betty, nip/tuck, oprah, ellen, that 70's show, south park.

people Christian Bale, Sophia Bush, Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler, Robert Downey Jr, Tedy Bruschi, Kate Walsh, Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lee Pace, Gary Oldman, Barack Obama, Drew Barrymore, Amanda Bynes, William Fitchner, James McAvoy, Will Smith, Anne Hathway, Steve Carrell, Johnny Depp, Will Farrell, Daniel Craig, Mark Wahlburg, Colin Farrell, Sandra Bullock.
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